slide-1bLean Body studio is a Mississauga fitness studio dedicated to our clients and athletes. Lean Body Studio specializes in one-on-one personal training for clients who want to pursue and meet their fitness and weight loss goals.  Each and every one of our clients receives unique and personalized training to help them achieve their goals. We also educate our clients on the importance of healthy nutrition, proper technique of weight training, motivation and discipline. We set up all of our clients for success and positive lifestyle change.

lean-body-studio-1As a private personal training studio in Mississauga we provide modern new equipment and latest trends in classes and innovates ways to lose weight and gain muscle. Our Mississauga Fitness  personal training studio intends to help you reach your fitness goals, your fitness is our passion. Our Mississauga Fitness personal training studio offers indoor and outdoor equipment for bootcamps, strength training machines, free weights , popular functional equipment such as TRX , lebert equalizers, sledge hammer, battle ropes, boxing, kettle bells.

Lean Body Studio’s focus is working with young professionals who have trouble getting to the gym because of their busy lifestyles, as well as young adults  growing up with body weight issues who are not able to lose the weight on their own. We work with the parents to also help their children stay active and teach them about a balanced nutritional diet.

Lean Body Studio will teach you how to do body weight workouts, before training with any free weights or machine, it is important to learn how  to exercises with your own body weight first before moving into any vigorous movements with weights!

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