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SIGN UP FOR FREE CONSULTATION OR CALL NOW 416.882.7752 My name is Leroy Alexis aka (RIPPEDALLDAY), Owner and Founder of Lean Body Studio and Booty Barz, and I am passionate about ensuring my clients reach and exceed their goals. Fitness and whole health is not a fad or a 2 week challenge it’s a mindset [...]


Lean body Studio membership circuit training rates 12 month membership rate $29/Month  ($348 paid in full) 6 month membership rate $39/month ( $234 paid in full) 3 months membership rate $50/month ($150 paid in full) 1 month membership rate $70/month

Kangoo Boot Camp & Running Clinic (Lean Body Studio)

Kangoo Boot Camp Kangoo Boot Camp is a fun, military style, circuit training program that can be conducted outdoors and indoors. This program combines the best of cardio & strength training, and is suitable for participants of all ages & fitness levels. Jogging– Tuck Jumps – Interval Sprints – Plyometric Jump Training are just some [...]

Booty Barz Fitness (women only)

unlimited class pass $99/monthly January 3rd 2007 class schedule Monday 5pm & 6pm Tuesday 6pm Wednesday 5pm & 6pm Friday 6pm Saturday 10am contact: info@leanbodystudio.com 416.882.7752 instgram: @bootybarz

Happy Hour Personal Training 1-3pm $55 per session

Happy hour at Lean Body Studio between the hours of 1-3pm each day.. we are offering discounted training between these hours, take advantage of happy hour $55 per session SAVE $30 per hour TEAMLEANBODY 416.882.7752 Instagram @leanbodystudio  

How to get bigger butt in 28 days (Booty Transformation Program)

How to Build your booty Lean Booty LAB (Legs/ABS/Butt)   Has your butt lost its round, youthful appearance? Did you know that it’s possible to reshape and build a bigger butt naturally? By naturally, we mean using exercises that are specifically for reshaping and sculpting your butt. The Lean Booty program is designed to give your butt a more youthful and sculpted look. If you are in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, or beyond, the get a bigger butt program is ideal for you. It is a comprehensive 28-Day program that targets every angle of the three glute muscles. Aging often has a negative effect on the glute muscles, causing them to droop and lose their youthful round and toned appearance. Whether you’re a beginner or seasoned athlete, you can benefit from the Lean Booty program.  If you’ve always had a flat butt, this program is perfect for building a “bubble butt”. Lean Booty program, that combines exercises that are designed specifically to target your gluteal muscles, like squats, lunges, and deadlifts BANDS. In just four weeks, this program will have you proudly wearing your favorite jeans or pencil skirt. Get started today for results in only one month. SIGN UP TODAY info@leanbodystudio.com 416.882.7752 Instgram @Leanbodystudio.com www.Leanbodystudio.com  

Lean Kick (Kick Boxing Cardio Class

  Cardio Kick Boxing LeanKick: Knockout boredom and blast fat all over with this muscle sculpting kickboxing class.  Led by experts in the  martial arts and kickboxing field, this workout targets your arms, abs, thighs and butt and is an amazing stress reliever. Location: Lean Body Studio 5200 dixie road unit 7 Mississauga [...]

Lean Booty LAB (Legs/Abs/Booty) Mississauga

Legs/Abs/Booty Lean Booty LAB (Legs/Abs/Booty) Mississauga.   If you want Chiseled abs, toned legs, and a tight lifted booty- this is the class for you!  This intense lower body workout will target your butt from all angles using a variety of equipment including  ankle weights, resistance bands,  and good old fashioned squats. Butt [...]

Weight loss success story at Lean Body Studio

Name: Ron   Age: Almost 55   Your transformation is amazing as we can see in your photos.  What are the greatest changes you see yourself? Not only the obvious weight loss, the greatest changes are in the sculpting of my physique, my posture is more erect and my overall appearance is more youthful.   [...]