Lean Body studio Boot camp ( February, March, April )

Lean Body Studio 107-1065 Canadian place Mississauga, ON

Times: Monday 5pm,Tuesday 5pm, Wed 7pm,Thursday 5pm, Friday 6pm sessions over a period of 4 weeks $149 per person

Boot camp is a fun, motivating, highly exhilarating training program designed to challenge all aspects of your fitness level,

endurance, flexibility, strength and cardiovascular capacity.

The 10 week program is for those looking serious results. Your boot camp program consists of 1 hr group sessions. Individual

sessions are also available. What to expect: …

• one hour sessions

• Work with a certified fitness trainer with over 7 years of experience

• All sessions will take place outdoors

• Sessions begin august 4th Boot camp Benefits

* Up to 16 lbs weight loss

* Loss 1-6 inches reduce around mid section, arms and thighs

* improve fitness * improve muscle strength and stamina

* build lean muscle *improve flexibility

*reduce body fat What kind of activities will I be doing in Boot Camp

• Conditioning drills

• Weight training with kettle balls and resistant bands

• Wind sprints with parachutes • Plyometricts training

• Team drills & partner drills • Lots of core and Ab work Participant Requirements:

• Water & towels!

• Mat

To register or for more information contact: Leroy Bascombe leroy@leanbodystudio.com or 416 882 7752