Boxing and Functional Training class at Lean Body Studio

50 minute class

  • 10-15 min warm up involving functional movements used for boxing and boxing conditioning
  • 25 minutes of boxing workouts that will be determined based on class size. The use of either the 4 five minute round system or the 6 three minute system during each class based on participants
  • 4 five minute system involves 5 different boxing and functional workouts done a minute each a total of 4 rounds with active rest in between
  • 6 three minute system involves 3 minute rounds of consistent boxing with 1 minute active rest in between
  • 10-15 minute cool down involving core centric workouts and stretching

Each class will be designed to cater to the level and number of participants in the class, while also having variety from one class to another. I will also use boxing pad work to help develop participants technique and maintain an interactive aspect of the class between the members and I.

Location Lean Body Studio

class days : Monday & Wednesday 7pm

IG- @Leanbodystudio

contact- 4168827752