Lean Body 60

This full body workout uses a combination of treadmill and weight training intervals; 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of resistance training split into 3-4 intervals.   Using a variety of equipment, Lean Body 60 will keep your muscles guessing, so you can reach your fitness goals –  Dynamax medicine balls, kettles, battle ropes, climbing ropes, dumbells machines.  Never the same class twice!


60 minutes of circuit training in the Personal Training Studio is bound to get you RIPPED into shape! Using equipment such as The Force, Ropes, Kettle Bells and much more. There are no corners to cut – just hard work, sweat and fun!


Single Class

6 Pack :$35 a class = $210

10 Pack: $ 30 a class=$300

20 pack:$ 25 a class =$500