Whether you are an aspiring fitness model or high level athlete this boot camp is perfect for you.

Aspiring to become a fitness model will be the hardest and most ambitious undertaking of your life! Becoming a fitness model requires an astronomical amount of dedication as well as preparation. In fact, the majority of professional fitness models agree with the notion that without an all-inclusive, concrete, realistic, and flexible plan of action your efforts to sculpt the perfect fitness model physique are destined to fail before you even begins training.

Making matters force is the fact that there is a great deal of conflicting information regarding the proper way to build lean muscle mass. Sifting to all this information can be overwhelming for the beginner. Therefore, in order to succeed in becoming a fitness model you must first start by education yourself regarding the physiology of building muscle mass.

This boot camp is great for those who want to surround themselves with other fitness models and athletes who are all passionate about this same dream and goals. The boot camp will consist of high level training, coaching, seminars and education guide for those who are trying to break into the industry. Fitness models will be thought proven weight loss strategies to get that stage look. Leroy will coach you on various topics that are of utmost importance in the fitness industry to build your name and to create a brand.

16 week boot camp are for those who have competed before and for beginners.

What can you expect from this Fitness Model, bikini models & athlete boot camp?

-Techniques on how to build mass with free weights

-various training programs




-eating clean

-contest prep

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