Why Train at Lean Body?

– Lean Body is the top Google rated gym in the West GTA

– Tailored meal plans and workout programs are customized collaboratively on a client by client basis

– Professional, punctual and private services in a clean safe environment

– We have fun while working towards meeting, achieving and exceeding your goals!

Now it’s time to take the next step; schedule your FREE consultation and review our great selection of services such as 30-60 minute one on one personal training session, along with women and men strength training classes, or group training classes such boot camp, boxing, TRX, ABS , BUTT AND GLUTES CLASS. Female trainers are available while tailoring your training program.

LEROY ALEXIS OWNER/FOUNDER | 416.882.7752 | info@leanbodystudio.com

Check out some clips from our group training sessions and individual sessions:


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