Lean Booty LAB (Legs/Abs/Booty) Mississauga.   If you want Chiseled abs, toned legs, and a tight lifted booty- this is the class for you!  This intense lower body workout will target your butt from all angles using a variety of equipment including  ankle weights, resistance bands,  and good old fashioned squats. Butt (no pun intended), we won’t forget about keeping that waist tiny and toned and your legs strong to give that highly sought after JLo Hourglass.

Program INCLUDES take home kit: resistance band with home instruction poster and butt firming cream.  (waist trainer recommended for additional $60)

Location (Lean Body Studio, 5200 Dixie Road, Unit 7)

Times: Monday 6pm & Wednesday 6pm Drop in Saturday 11am $20

Start August 3, 2016

contact us : info@leanbodystudio.com 416.882.7752 Instagram: @Leanbodystudio