I used to see all these pictures on the Lean Body Studio Facebook page of people
having a blast while working out.  I have always been someone who kept myself in
reasonably good shape and I love an amazing workout. I played varsity sports at
university and have always treated my body well.  I had just moved to Toronto from
out West and was disallusioned by the whole gym experience. Pay your membership...
use the equipment... maybe meet a couple people who work out around the same time as
you and exchange plesantries.   Many corporate gyms want to sign you up with a
personal fitness trainer so that you get the "results" you are looking for and won't
always let you out of your contract when you want to leave.  

Overall, I was happy with my body and how it looked but I was in a rut.  Really
bored!  Sure it was keeping me healthy. I was doing cardio, lifting weights and
working out but I didn't have the same spark about life that I once had. Plus, I had
just had ACL reconstruction only 4 months before so I knew my knee wasn't ready to
just jump right into something crazy like a boot camp and try to keep up with the
class.  I kept doing my rehabilation exercises religiously on my own and randomly,
on Facebook, I would see these pictures of the people having so much fun during
their workouts.  

A few months passed and I was ready to give it a try. I started with a few personal
fitness training classes one-on-one so he could see where I was at. Leroy took me
through a few hard workouts and for the first few weeks it was tough.  I was doing
great though and was on the tail end of a miraculous recovery. Slowly I started
supplementing the personal training classes with boot camps.  Since I had worked out
with him before he knew exactly how to push me.  Plus, if there was anything I
wasn't keen on doing because of my injury I could modify the exercise or opt out of
it.  As I mentioned I played team sports so there is something innately powerful
about working out with other people.  It drives me and I was striving to be my best

Once my body started to physically get moving again other positive changes started
to appear as well.  I was really excited about being back at it.  Leroy offered a
boxing boot camp class for 6 weeks with a local instructor who was a boxer.  I
signed up for the class, got my gloves and was ready to go.  I think that is one of
the most appealing things about Lean Body Studio is being able to pick and chose
what programs you want to be a part of based on your individual preferences.  Some
people want to dance their way into being fit so Zumba is the class for them or
Urban Rebounding which puts people on trampolines for their workout.  Boxing was
something I always wanted to try! The instructor taught us all of the punches and
techniques that she used during a fight.  It was an early morning class so before I
even got to work I had already accomplished something amazing.  I think it surprised
Leroy to see how driven I was when I was back at his studio to catch an evening boot
camp class on the nights I had already boxed.

I have never been a firm believer in personal trainers because I thought I knew how
to workout.  Afterall, I had been doing it for years!  There is something great
about just showing up and having someone push you to the limits though.  I really
love it!  It is equally important to be around people who were going after their
goals and pushing themselves hard too.  Leroy trains for fitness competitions, knows
a lot about nutrition and eats very healthy so I know he walks his talk. He is
passionate about this and wants me to reach my goals as much as I do. 

It is amazing to come into the gym  and see people striving to change their entire
lifestyle.  Whether to them it means losing pounds, coming back from an injury,
reaching a certain body fat percentage, rediscovering themselves, striving to do
their best or just have fun.  In the end it doesn't really matter because working
out at Lean Body has really made me realize the message transends the boundaries we
put on ourselves.  In reality it isn't just about the numbers on the scale it's
really about how I feel at the core of my being. 

I got evidence a few weeks ago when I went to an alumni game. Many of my teammates
were there that I played with years ago. Three of my former teammates walked right
past without recognizing me!  All of them commented on how great I look and I smiled
because I knew that the treasure was there all along. Leroy just helped me to
uncover it and now I shine!