Nutritional Cleansing unlocks the miracle of the human body

Nutritional Cleansing increases the health benefits you’ll receive from the ancient health practice of cleansing. The herbs, vitamins and minerals that aid cleansing do two things:

* Accelerate the removal of impurities from the body.
* Nourish the body with vital nutrients to rapidly revive health.

A cleansed and revitalized body is stronger, resists illness better, is more efficient and performs at a higher level than one that is filled with impurities. Many people notice an ability to reach and maintain their ideal weight.

Isagenix Testimonials

9 day Program – Lost 9lbs

I just lost 9 lbs in 9 days and I never felt better. I would like to share my story.

I was introduce to Isagenix by my personal trainer, at first I was skeptical about this product

Because I have never tried anything like this before. After gaining weight over the holidays I wanted

To shed some pounds.

The first 2 days of the program were pre-cleansed days. I felt really hungry , and experience a bit of a headaches but my trainer told me that my body was going through withdrawals. It only took my body a few days to adjust because I was constantly snacking on almonds, isa snacks, and green apples.

After the first 2 days I did not experience headaches and my cravings subsided.

During the first 2 cleanse days I felt a little weak, I was tired in the evenings but I slept very well at night.

After the first two cleanse days I continued with my shake days and was about 3lbs down.

During the next 5 shake days I felt fantastic, my energy levels were very high through out the day I was not feeling fatigue at all. I really enjoyed the shakes.

After the going through the 5 days of shake the last two days cleanse days were a breeze.

I continued Isagenix products, I use the shakes in the morning, and they are great for after the gym.


9 day Program-Lost 9.5lbs

My personal trainer told me about the Isagenix Cleansing & Fat Burning System. I decided to start with the 9 day cleanse, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be and the chocolate shake tasted great! I am amazed at what I accomplished in such a short period of time. Not only did I look better but I felt better, was more energetic and I lost 9.5lbs!!


9 day Program-Lost 7lbs

My sister told me about the Isagenix Cleaning & Fat burning system that she was planning on using. I decided to do the 9 day cleanse with her since it was right after Christmas and I was interested in it for the promised fat and weight loss and increase in energy. I was skeptical, but by the end I lost 7lbs and 10 inches. Also alot of people noticed my weight loss. The shakes were filling and because of that , it is something I would probably do again.


30 day Program-Lost 14.8 lbs

Leroy talked me into this program and I am very grateful that he did. Not only was Leroy on Isagenix but he also was experiencing this first hand. He was telling me that so many others that he has put on Isagenix has experienced nothing but weight loss and self esteem boost.

When I first went on Isagenix I was a little weary of how it was going to go. I’ve been on many different diets, taking all sorts of pills and so may types of detoxes, I was fearing the hunger pains and or cramping of the bowels which usually occurs with myself when I go on a new program especially with a detoxify. Well I have to tell you that there are no such symptoms with Isagenix. Everything flows naturally and is very comfortable. I’m not going to lie but there was a bit of hunger pains but nothing to extreme. All I needed to do was snack on some tasty berries or some plain Almonds. The meal replacement shakes were very filing and you also receive Isagenix snakes which does the trick as well.

In my package that I had received two sample of healthy chocolate (so to speak). Ladies this new found chocolate is a genius idea. Who ever came across this chocolate “Bravo” It fixed my craving for chocolate, made me energetic and I was smiling a whole lot. It made me feel great. I would have to say that was my favorite thing.

One thing I would like to say about my experience is that I had my will power put to the test. You have to be dedicated. Make sure your have the Mind Set to take on this experience. You will not regret it!

I do have a confession though, I did cheat. I think that it may happen with you, but don’t take t to hard and just go right back into the routine like I did. No one is perfect.

If you follow what they teach you, you will see results. It’s so simple and easy, if I could do it, believe me when I say this, “You can do it”

I’ve been getting so many compliments since I lost the weight; it makes feel good about myself. I’m still motivated and in a routine to keep a healthy life style with healthy choices and have the motivation to keep going to the gym. Thanks for reading my experience and hopefully you’ll be able to write a very outstanding testimony as well!

Program – Isagenix 30 Day Cleanse-Weight lost – 12 pounds-Inches lost :10.5 inches

The program was VERY easy to follow – the shake days were the easiest because you just have to worry about one meal.  The meal suggestions in the book were good and also very practical.  I always carried almonds and a piece of fruit with me just in case my energy level dropped but it never did.

The first two cleanse days were very difficult, mentally I had to wrap my mind around not eating for the whole day which was hard.  The last two cleanse days were easier.

I went to the gym 5 days a week – twice with my personal trainer (Leroy!) and three times on my own.

Overall, this is a great program – not only did I loose weight and inches – I have a lot of energy as well!!

Thanks to Leroy for the recommendation!

Lost 8 pounds in 9 days

I did the 9 days Isagenix program cleanse, this cleanse program was actually easier than I thought it would be and I must say the result are super.  Before I began I weighed 129 pounds and by the end I weighed 121 pounds.  The cleanse went well and the only side effects I had was hunger and a bit less energy than usual. I feel the cleanse has given me a sharp boost of energy.  Everyone tells me I look great and slimmer.  I would recommend this cleanse to my Family and friends…..A special Thank you to Leroy for his support.

Sonia M