Are You A Perfectionist?

As we consider the term “perfectionist and what it really means, it becomes fairly evident that the qualities associated with such a person are quite inflexible. It is not uncommon for a person to describe themselves to be a perfectionist as if it were a positive label, and yet, this deep desire to get it just right, is behind the fear of failure.

Perhaps the language we use keeps us lying to ourselves. “Perfectionist” they say; as if perfect had been, or can be, and some would like to believe in such fairy tales; of course, saying the word about ourselves is nothing short of flatter. Be very careful of how you speak to yourself about yourself; that is the first step to becoming. Become aware of what you are becoming. Become aware of the lies that shield you from the hard truths. Once you are on a path, the distance from its opposite doubles.

Do not seek perfection, for, it only exists as a subjective interpretation in your mind. Nothing in nature is of perfect symmetry out of necessity; the mixing of different parts create new parts, thus, growth and evolution. Do not let delusions of perfection be the cover for your fear of failure; rather, get excited by the privilege to make mistakes and the lessons that follow. Your personal interpretation of your unique experience is what becomes you. Embrace the process: success or failure. Thinking about it never amounts to doing it, despite what it may seem like in your mind. Contrary to what “perfectionists” like to think of themselves, their blunder is not a lack of time, whereby working hard to make something better and better until it becomes “perfect”, rather, it is the fear that it will not work out “perfect” from the start, and so most hardly try.

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