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One-on-one personal training

One of the most effective ways to get fit and stay fit. You will get a customized workout to suit your personal goals and “in your face” motivation. Choose from 30 minute or 60 minute sessions by appointment only. We will teach you the importance of technique, proper form and educate you on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle.

In Home Personal Training

Leroy  train Toronto & Mississauga based and visiting clients with or without equipment in their homes, office, hotel gyms and many outdoor locations. Whether your goal is to lose a few pounds or inches, improve your physical and cardiovascular conditioning, build muscle and gain strength, or merely to become a better and healthier you, choose to train with your home gym or Pilates equipment or have us “bring the gym” to you. Sessions are generally an hour long and designed around your goals and physiological condition.

Group Classes

These classes will put you on the path to achieving your ultimate goal. All classes are 60 minutes long and are lead by a certified instructor. Whether you are at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level, you are free to follow at your own pace.

Fitness Modeling

With over 20 years’ experience in the fitness modeling and fashion field, our experts will assess and train you to make sure your body is balance and proportional for an aesthetically looking shape.  Design and plan a meal schedule to prepare you for your show.  We will support and guide you all the way to the day of the show, for you to be at your best. This includes choosing your costumes to make sure we enhance your physique, posing, to show off all your hard work, preparation for the day of the show and presentation on stage.

Group training (2 or more)

Group training is perfect if you want to work out with a friend or a few co-workers. Group training session are 60-90 min long.

Functional training (BOSU ball, TRX, plyometrics)

Functional training is great for athletes as well as those who want to push themselves to the next level.  Training sessions are 60-90 minutes long while working with a personal trainer one on one .

Couple training (married, BF & GF, partners)

If you are looking to get in shape with your partner, this is a great way for you to do it. Not only will you be spending time with your partner, you will look and feel great together while giving that extra motivation to each other.

Boot camp (outside training & Indoor Training)

Boot camp is a great way to stay active and enjoy exercising outside. Boot camp is a circuit training that involves strength training and endurance.

Nutritional Assessment

Identifying the key problem areas in your daily food intake and suggesting healthier alternatives while understanding that it is possible to eat healthier without giving up on all of your favorite foods.

Nutritional Plans

Meals that will be tailored to your individual and specific goals. This will include healthy meal ideas and information on what, where, and when to eat.


A professionally designed workout program for you to refer to that is specifically tailored to address your strengths,weaknesses and overall goals.

One hour physical assessment

Includes: Cardiovascular, measurements, body fat analysis, blood pressure Par-Q, lifestyle questionnaire

Measuring upper and lower body strength, flexibility, resting heart rate, etc.