• One of the most effective ways to get fit and stay fit. You will get a customized workout to suit your personal goals and “in your face” motivation. 60 minute sessions by appointment only. We will teach you the importance of technique, proper form and educate you on how to achieve a balanced lifestyle. This is an introductory offer for your first three visits. If you've trained at Lean Body Studio in the past this offer is not valid.
  • Participants are reshaping their bodies and lives through fun exercises, healthier eating habits and creating a healthier lifestyle. Challengers will have the opportunity to learn from our experts at Lean Body Studio how to change their lifestyles and adopt healthier habits by attending weekly meetings, weigh-ins and completing challenges. The results are life long if participants continue with their lifestyle change. This challenge is a great way to overcome your weight issues while meeting new friends, challenge yourself to succeed and just all around feel and look GREAT!! It is a 90 day challenge for Mississauga resident, its a great way to compete with each other to re-shape their lives. On average contestants have lost 20 to 50 lbs. and many more inches. The 90 day challenge starts month of  January 2018. This is a terrific way to start off a new year, feeling and looking great; the healthy and natural way. Are you up for the challenge? All participants will receive discounts and free trials with business throughout Peel region. This program includes the following
    • 12 group Fitness Class
    • Weight loss plan
    • Weekly weight in
    • Personal Training session with Lean Body Trainer! *
    • Free trial at Lean Body Studio
    Challengers are competing for great prizes such as personal training package, make over and weekend get away The best prize of all is feeling more energized, being healthier and LOOKING GREAT!!! – of course. Cost: $299 for 3 months Start date: January 2018 Location: Lean Body Studio 5200 Dixie Rd unit 7 Mississauga Class days: Monday 6pm women only 7pm coed  Wednesday 6pm women only 7pm coed Friday Women Only 6pm Saturday 9am coed 10am women only Weigh ins: Saturday from 8-12pm contact us : 4168827752 or
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  • Join us for a 4 week mind and body changing experience, as we challenge you to push through any boundaries you may have, and help you reach higher you. All classes are in private studio environment, so you can see the real results. We have Boot camp classes in Mississauga, Etobicoke, Oakville, Brampton, and Streetsville. Lean body boot camps Mississauga offer 12 classes and include baseline assessment, measurement’s, before and after pictures, goal setting, a guidebook, guest presenters & graduation party. Transform your mind, your body, your spirit your confidence, your habits, your nutrition-to a fit your lifestyle, your goals….YOU!