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My name is Christopher Ostrowski and I have been training with Leroy Bascombe for the past year and a half. I have always been a person to be healthy and in pretty good shape but after training for a year by myself I wasn’t getting the results that I wanted. After training for a period of time I decided to get some advice from a personal trainer. I started training with a trainer that was appointed to me by the gym that I belonged to. After training with this personal trainer I knew I wasn’t going to get the results that I wanted. He was unprofessional and didn’t take me seriously. So I was at the gym one day working out and saw Leroy training one of his clients and it seemed like he really knew what he was doing. I also noticed he was in great physical shape. The next day I booked an appointment with Leroy. At the beginning of the session he asked me what I wanted to gain from personal training and what were my goals. I told him that I was having trouble getting results even after working out for a year and told him I was looking to define every aspect of each muscle group. He started showing me which workouts I should be doing and which ones were a waste of time. During the training session he was constantly giving me pointers and helping me with my form. He was really focused on helping me obtain my goals and was very motivating. Training with Leroy, I constantly wanted to do better, I was having fun and couldn’t wait until the next time I got to train with him. By the end of the first two weeks of training with Leroy I was training three times a week. I am still currently training with Leroy and stand behind every one of his methods. He is still very motivating and I am still having fun training with him. I am also currently training for an upcoming fitness show in June 2010 and thanks to Leroy he’s making it possible for me to compete. I would recommend Leroy to all my family and friends and know that they would be satisfied with the results they would get in training with, in my opinion, one of the greatest trainers in the GTA. Thank you Leroy.

– Chris O

Leroy was my personal trainer for a few months. Leroy’s approach to personal training is so professional and natural. He made me feel comfortable and confident that I could achieve a personal fitness goal. When Leroy has a session with you he really utilizes that time to focus only on you by paying close attention to your needs and tailoring a program that is diverse and challenging every time. Outside of our sessions Leroy took the time to put together a meal plan and workout plan that works for me. He constantly challenges you and makes you feel like you can push yourself harder every time. He has changed the way I approach my workout sessions and overall fitness lifestyle.

– Nadia M

Leroy Bascombe as a personal fitness trainer is nothing short of excellent,

I joined a gym with the self challenging goal of losing 40lbs

Feeling that I had the knowledge to accomplish this goal I spent 2 months working out on my own which lead to frustration and zero actual results

I was introduced to Leroy and he took on the task of assisting me in my challenge of losing 40lbs

With Leroy’s guidance and expertise in exercise and diet I lost the weight in 3 months, and have kept it off for over a year, I found Leroy’s expertise and knowledge in personal fitness beyond repute, I can honestly say I would not have achieved the results I did without Leroy’s personal training services, I highly recommend Leroy as a personal fitness trainer

– Tony P

Once upon a time I considered myself to be a pretty good athlete in my late teens, early 20’s.  I was always on the go and had lots of energy.  Then I let work take over and it consumed my time, energy, and I put on 15 lbs of bad weight.  In the last year I had recently got into a pretty good gym routine again, working out 4 times a week.  I was starting to move the needle.  Then I was approached by a friend to sign up for an 8 week bootcamp, 2 sessions per week, 1 hour / workout.  I always lacked motivation to really push myself.  That’s where Leroy came in.

I didn’t know what to expect, so I went in open minded.  The workouts were tailored to my specific physical fitness level.  Leroy pushed all the right buttons to get the maximum results I needed.  Nobody likes to just run on a treadmill…so running with weights, climbing hills, lunges, plyometrics, wind sprints with parachutes….every work out was different and unique.  I was using muscles that you don’t typically use when you’re just lifting weights in a gym.  I felt after the 8 weeks that my body was more toned, and I felt more confident about myself.  It got me back on track.  I lost 7 lbs, but more importantly set myself up to realize how hard you need to work if you want results.  The workouts exceeded my expectations.  I will definitely be signing up again, to get another 8 weeks of great workouts.  Variation is the key to sustaining physical fitness.

– Brad James


I made a commitment to myself to lose weight, get healthy and fit. I joined a martial art gym and trained hard 4-5 days per week. I worked with trainers but only saw minimal results. Being frustrated with doing the work but not getting the results I started to look elsewhere. That’s when I met Leroy owner of Lean Body Studio. I began by trying out his boot camp once a week. The training was intense and challenging and Leroy was always cheerful. It left me wanting more. We discussed my goals and expectations. He promised me we could achieve my goals with his comprehensive nutrition plan and innovative workout approach utilizing multiple muscle groups simultaneously. His workouts are always new and he challenges you to push yourself beyond even what you think you can do. Thanks to Leroy’s motivation and vast training knowledge, I lost 35 lbs and 10% body fat within a 2 month period. The muscle definition is noticeable and I feel healthy and energetic. I highly recommend Leroy as a personal trainer to everyone. He has a passion for transforming peoples bodies.

– Gina