Muy Thai workout


The Muay Thai workout is a great and different workout that has many benefits. The Muay Thai workout will help increase agility, speed, cardiovascular endurance, and strength. It is also has some added benefits that it will help with self-defense and stress relief. This workout is also great conditioning for other activities or sports.

Getting Ready

The Muay Thai workout uses the whole body especially the hips and core. This workout can be a pretty intense workout. You may not want to make this the first workout you do if you haven’t been active. It helps do get yourself ready by building up your strength and cardio with some running endurance, weight training, biking, or rope jumping.

Let’s Go!

It is recommended that you stretch out first and then start with the warm up first. After this, move on to the resistance training which is recommended but not required. Next, you will complete the Muay Thai Workout. The last thing you will want to do is a cool down and another stretch out.