Meet Owner and Personal Trainer, Leroy Alexis


  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Nutrition Consultant
  • Can Fit Pro Personal Trainer Specialist Certification
  • National Council on Strength and Fitness
  • American Council on Exercise (ACE)
  • Zone Nutrition Certified
  • Kick Boxing Level One Certified
  • Kettlebell Certified
  • Standard First Aid Certificate including CPR Level C

My Skills

Personal Training 100
Nutritional Consulting 100
Bootcamp Instructor 95
Ripped All Day 100

Meet Tishaugn Fisher  Elite Trainer,

My name is Tishaughn Fisher and I am an ACE Cerified Personal Trainer. I am super outgoing, charismatic and seen as a conversationalist. I have been in the fitness industry for nearly half a decade and have experienced different types of fitness. Whether it be bodybuilding, powerlifting, cross-fit, Olympic lifting or general fitness, I have dabbled in it all and have acquired sufficient knowledge upon it. I am from Quebec where I am considered a collegiate graduate in general studied. I am more than super passionate about helping people achieve their fitness goals, there is no better feeling then seeing the sense of attainment my clients have once they earn their results! I am highly qualified and ready to work!


ACE Certified Personal Trainer
John Abbott Social Science Degree
YMCA Certified First Aid Level C

Meet Mr Motivation  Elite Trainer, Arti Radi

On a mission to help change the world for the better! The passion and vision for fitness is something that comes natural for me being a second generation coach. My father was an Olympic team fitness coach. I am @MrMotivation46 aka Arti Radi. Certified Canfitpro Personal Trainer Specialist, with more then 5 years experience working and training with @leanbodystudio founder @rippedallday. Leroy credits me for helping motivate him to start his own gym. That mean a loct to me due to the fact of his success and how it also helped me change my life for the better and make a difference in society. What I am known for is unorthodox training using combination techniques thinking outside the box with exercises to make it interesting and of coarse more productive in Lifestyle Coaching, Injury Recovery, Flexibility, CrossFit, Boxing, Weight Training, Strength and Conditioning. Keep It LiT and let’s get it!!!

My name is Daniella Kadri, and I’m a Certified Personal Training Specialist (PTS) and the newest member to the Lean Body Team. I’ve always been a fitness enthusiast, as I have an athletic background, playing all kinds of sports growing up throughout high school. After graduating, I played Varsity Women’s Rugby at McMaster University, where I discovered my true passion was actually coaching and training others, so I enrolled in the Fitness and Health Program at Humber College instead.I am very passionate for fitness and health, I think it’s important to make both your mind and body a high priority in life. I also love working with people and helping others not only reach their fitness goals, but to achieve their best feeling self. I’m a strong believer in the idea that fitness isn’t about being better than someone else, but it’s about being better than you used to be… being YOUR version of your best self!

So, I am genuinely excited to help my clients look better, feel better, accomplish their goals, have fun, and I will be there to motivate & support them every step of the way!

Phil is a certified strength and conditioning specialist and a medical exercise specialist and has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years. He is passionate about calisthenics and has a martial arts background. Over the years Phil has developed his own unique approach to training which focuses on the mind/body connection, maximum engagement of muscles, exercise intensity, workout efficiency and proper nutrition. His philosophy is that training principles used by elite athletes could also be applied to the general population in an incremental way to yield optimum results.

University of Toronto Bachelor of Science
NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist
AAHFRP Medical Exercise Specialist
Sports Nutrition Consultant
Member of the Ontario Physique Association