celebration transformation week

celebration transformation week

Name:   Michelle Smith

Age:   25

1.  Your transformation is amazing as we can see in your photos.  What are the greatest changes you see yourself?
The 2 biggest changes I see in myself is my stamina and my most physical change is my stomach. It wouldn’t take long for me to loose my breath at the beginning of a workout. I now have the energy to push myself harder and harder throughout each workout. Having more energy and pushing myself has led me to the biggest change in my stomach. I have always had a huge challenge with getting and maintaining a flat core. I can now finally say that my stomach is more defined.

2.  How long did it take you to achieve your results?
It took me from the start of January to mid may to reach my goal.

3.  What made you decide you wanted to make changes in your level of fitness/nutrition?  (Key trigger or motivators)
My key motivator was my sisters bachelorette trip to Las Vegas in May and her upcoming wedding in September.

4. How has Lean Body Studio helped you to achieve your results?
I have been personal training with Leroy since the beginning of January and he has helped me achieve every result possible. Every workout is always new and exciting and we will always work on different muscles in the body. He gears every workout to my needs and most importantly goals. There is so many times were I want to give up or I tell him I cant do something but he is always there insisting I can and it turns out I can actually do it. Having him so motivated for your results, never letting you give up and pushing you to your limits has helped me achieve the exact results I have been looking for and meet my goal.

5.  How did you stay motivated?
It was tough for the first two weeks to stay motivated but I pushed through it and I’m so glad I did. Leroy made every workout session a fun experience and I really started to enjoy it. Once I started to see some results it helped me push myself and be my own motivator to make it to that goal I set at the beginning.

6.  What were your greatest challenges during this process?
The biggest challenge during the process was sticking to the meal plan Leroy had provided me with. It was definitely hard to break those nasty eating habits, but once I started a routine I got used to it and so did my body. I now meal prep every Sunday for the week ahead and it turned it has turned into apart of my daily schedule.

7.  What words of advice would you give to  other “aspiring transformers”?
Anything is possible, believe in yourself because you can do it. Create routines, set goals and push yourself and you will get there. Never give up 🙂

8.  Any final words/comments (level of energy? Confidence? Or any other thoughts?
Lean body Studio has helped me get the results I have always wanted.