lean body studio weight loss

Name: Ron


Age: Almost 55


  1. Your transformation is amazing as we can see in your photos.  What are the greatest changes you see yourself?

Not only the obvious weight loss, the greatest changes are in the sculpting of my physique, my posture is more erect and my overall appearance is more youthful.


  1. How long did it take you to achieve your results?

So far I have been training with Leroy for 5 months


  1. What made you decide you wanted to make changes in your level of fitness/nutrition?  (Key trigger or motivators)

I really did not like the way I looked. I did not want see myself in pictures. I knew I wanted, and had, to shape up for my family.


  1. How has Lean Body Studio helped you to achieve your results?

Without the training  , muscle confusion workouts and nutrition programs given to me by Leroy I would still be struggling to make a change.


  1. How did you stay motivated?

You cannot help staying motivated when you see all the other clients of various ages, big and small, female and male pushing themselves in training session and especially the Boot Camps.

Also, the continued results in my transformation and the ever motivating presence of Leroy were large factors.


  1. What were your greatest challenges during this process?

The greatest challenge was realizing that when I could not complete an exercise or rep rotation I was not failing. Leroy pointed out that to make gains he trains to confuse the body and muscles, that gains cannot be made until the muscles reach failure. Muscle failure actually meant success. Once I accepted that I was able to work harder and be positive.


  1. What words of advice would you give to  other “aspiring transformers”?

Just keep telling yourself “I want this”.

There is no maybe, the results will come.

You will like what you see and feel.


  1. Any final words/comments (level of energy? Confidence? Or any other thoughts?

I feel great, look better and can hardly wait to see the changes I might expect to see over the next few months of workouts.

Leroy is a master, he knows his stuff and knows every person is an individual that he trains and advises nutrition suited just to them.

If you want to change your appearance and get into better health to live longer then you need to become part of the Lean Body Studio community.


I think I will finally agree to shoot those family portraits this fall that my girls have been wanting.