Why is Functional Training Important?

Well first what IS functional training? Functional training simply refers to an exercise routine that is based around movements that a person performs on a regular basis, such as sport, or increasing the ability to use any particular body joint better. Nowadays our modern society is lazy, the technology has gotten so far that instead of kids going outside to play soccer, it’s simulated in video games. Some have even adapted to driving to the convenient store just down the street instead of walking, what would our society due if we didn’t have technology? Were so far adapted into the lazy culture, most cannot imagine life without a car – a bike? How primitive….

This is why functional training is so important, functional training can start young by learning what a balanced spine is and how to stabilize the pelvis and shoulder blades. Squat mechanics can be re-enforced before mobility and flexibility is lost. As people reach adulthood, functional training helps them to keep building a body that will be strong and stable through their whole life. And finally, functional training helps retain bone and muscle mass, plus flexibility and body composition through the elder years.

If people are not in sports or some kind of physical activity, they can start losing their balance as early as their teens, and by the time their elders (70 years of age) most die due to broken hips from the instable joints throughout their bodies.

Any kind of sport is functional training from aerobics, dance, soccer, basketball, the list goes on and they’re all great.

Here at Lean Body Studio we offer a variety of functional training sessions. Our boot camps are our highlights, however here is a sample functional training workout:

Run around building
Frog leap with burpies to one point and back

Side shuffles side-to-side for 60 seconds
Side shuffles front-to-back for 60 seconds
Repeat 3 times

Push-up side shuffles for 60 seconds
toe-touch crunches for 60 seconds
repeat 3 times

Mountain Climbers for 60 seconds
burpies for 60 seconds
repeat 3 times

Running Suicides

Lunges to one point and back 3 times

Bicycle crunches 60 seconds
Leg raises 60 seconds
jumping squats 60 seconds
repeat 3 times

Run around building